Welcome to the September 3, 2021 XM Talk.

Not a podcast but rather a show that you can listen to or watch – the choice is yours.

I am delighted to be launching my new show where each episode you can join me in conversation with global thought leaders & practitioners on Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Brand Experience and Product Experience.

Each show we will be asking the critical question – How can it help you be 1% different, 1% better and standout from the crowd.

The first show will go live shortly so follow\like\subscribe today on your favourite podcasting app to get notification of when every show is released.

The 1% Difference with Jason S Bradshaw is available on the below and all great podcast listening apps.

How much is the way you are communicating costing you?

Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Magician are just three words you could use to explain who Vinh Giang is.

Inspirational, influential and insightful are another three words.

These and many more are all true and importantly he has helped individuals and organisations around the globe become more confident, impactful and effective communicators.

He has now launched a self-paced online communication course and I 100% recommend it to you, regardless of your your skill level. Check out the course website for further information and an endorsement from a Google Director and others.

Check it out here. 

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