Disrupt advertising to connect with cusotmers.

As the Chief Customer & Marketing Officer at Volkswagen Group Australia I was very excited to sign off on the concept of merging advertising with gaming.

In fact I recall saying to the marketing team – the campaign MUST deliver the game or it doesn’t work. 

Why was I so excited about the concept of merging advertising with a game – well a few reasons.

You and I know that many TV viewers are also on a second device at the same time. 

So if you can extend your advertising spend to take over that second screen as well – winning formula. 

Plus human connection is essential to building a brand, loyalty and advocacy. 

The campaign was a massive success. 

Although some of the elements went live after I left Volkswagen I am extremely proud to have given the campaign the oxygen to achieve the results. 

An amazing team made it happen – kudos to them all.

Below is just one of many articles on the campaign. 

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