Inspire your team to be CEX leaders
Engage hearts and minds
Deliver growth

This is Jason’s pillar presentation based off his first book ‘It’s All About CEX! The Essential Guide To Customer & Employee Experience!’.

In this presentation Jason explores the importance of Customer & Employee Experience and how it powers business growth.

Jason draws on his experience in delivering improvements in 7 different industries and blends theory, experience and case studies to ensure your team is engaged in the topic but also inspired and skilled to take action. 

Digital Transformation

In this presentation Jason draws on his experience in leading digital transformations in multiple industries to drive business growth through revenue generation and cost reduction. 

With a track record in rapidly delivering digital transformations Jason will inspire your team to take action and convince them of the business benefits. 


Service Fundamentals

Delivered as either a keynote presentation or a workshop, Service Fundamentals is all about the key elements of customer service. 

Jason fundamentally believes you can’t deliver loyalty driving customer experiences if you don’t first get the fundamentals of service right.

Service Fundamentals is focused on helping your team understand and deliver on the three keys of service. 


Crisis Leadership

Jason was once accused of ‘castrating the men of Australia’ when he was Head of Customer Experience with a major retail group – this gives you just a glimpse into some of the crises Jason has led teams through.

In this presentation Jason will provide your audience with major steps to leading through a crisis and how to ensure that you continue to build for sustained growth. 


Growth Mindset

Jason has turned contact centres from ‘cost centres’ in to ‘profit centres’. He’s transformed organisations, generating in excess of $40 million in savings, while continuing to grow the customer base.

In this presentation Jason will engage your team to develop and implement rapid delivery solutions, while keeping your customers and employees at the heart of your transformation. 

Growth Mindset


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