Information for Event Planners

Event planning can be a stressful time, even for the most experienced planners – there are likely moments of sheer frustration. In my various leadership roles I have had the pleasure of curating many events and that is why as a Speaker I understand that my first job is to make you look awesome. 

I believe that as a Speaker I need to do more than deliver a great presentation I need to compel your guests to take action, action that will help them and you achieve growth.

You may notice – at the top of this webpage the words Inspire, Engage and Deliver. I surveyed hundreds of people, colleagues, audience members and friends and these three words (inspire, engage, deliver) were the words they used to describe ‘who I am’. 

It is Jason’s intention to 

  • Inspire your guests; 
  • Engage their hearts & minds; and 
  • Provide them with actionable steps, so they can Deliver improvements for their careers and your business.  




Will Jason travel? 

Jason has spoken at events across the world to audiences of all sizes. His biggest audience to-date has been over 5000 people and for one event he travelled over 10,000 miles – he arrived on-time, ready to present. 

We will work with you on all requirements of the event – we look forward to hearing form you. 

Jason’s calendar books up quickly, make an enquiry today. 

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