International Customer Experience

CX Day 2021

What is the experience gap? 

The experience gap is the delta (or gap) between the promises made and the experience delivered. 


Here are three ways to close the experience gap. 


  1. Define your customer promise. Ensure everyone in your team/business understand what you are promising to customers and the core elements to delivering on it. 
  2. Measure the experience and democratize the data. Don’t just ask your customers about their experience but share the data and how you are performing against your promise with every member of the team/business. 
  3. Choose 1 to 3 priority areas that you can improve in 90 days or less. To grow your business the key is to continuously narrowing the experience gap, so focus on building a habit of removing friction points in 90 days or less. Circle back with your customers to reinforce that you have acted on their feedback and gain their feedback on the improved experience. 


Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the next 12 months and transform your business.