September 2 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to the September 3, 2021 XM Talk. Not a podcast but rather a show that you can listen to or watch – the choice is yours. I am delighted to be launching my new show where each episode you can join me in conversation with global thought leaders & practitioners on Customer Experience, Employee […]

XM TALK with Jason S Bradshaw September 22, 2021

XM Talk September 22, 2021 Welcome to the latest edition of XM Talk bringing you updates from around the world on Experience Management.  Shep Hyken is a fellow global guru on Customer Service/Experience and is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestselling author – multiple times!Shep’s work is always insightful and actionable – a double […]

Are you building a legacy?

Jason S Bradshaw meets Tony Hsieh was founded in 1999 by Nick Swinmum as arguably the world’s first online shoe retailer. Shortly after launching Tony Hsieh and Alfred Lin invested in the business and in 2001 Tony Hsieh took over as CEO of the business.  In its first two years, the company had revenues of approximately $1.6million and in 2001 […]

Are You Leaving Dollars On The Table?

Are You Leaving Dollars On The Table? Of course my default position is that delivering a great experience leads to more sales, more profit, more – well more success for everyone. However, not so often do you publicly see a company cancelling bonuses, for their executives, worth over $750,000 because the company failed to meet […]